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About us

Our company – Modern Bud Int. Group Sp. J. K. Lebiedziński i Wspólnicy has been operating in the construction industry since 1992. We produce eco-friendly underfloor heating boards and offer the wholesale of construction materials (visit us at Our production plant and wholesale warehouse of eco-friendly construction materials is located in Białystok.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with top quality construction materials in the shortest possible time. In our operation, we focus on knowledge, professional expertise of our employees, as well as the eco-friendly, economical and innovative aspects of our solutions.

We cooperate with numerous corporations and European leaders in the sanitary systems and timber frame and modular house construction sectors. Our main suppliers of raw materials include Fermacell (James Hardie), Knauf, Steico, Pfleiderer. Our company has been granted numerous awards, including the American ones.

We provide board milling services upon request

As a subcontractor, we produce underlay boards for light water heating systems on different types of materials. Our main area of manufacturing specialisation are underlay heating boards made of plasterboard, chipboard and fiberboard, as well as XPS and EPS boards.

Our knowledge and expertise has been built over years of experience. We help our customers choose the right heating system solution that is quick and easy to install, simple and functional to use. If necessary, we create board and pipe layout designs. Our solutions allow for eco-friendly and cheap heating practically everywhere. We listen to our customers.

We work as a subcontractor of surface heating system manufacturers and installation companies. We are not their competition. On the contrary! Through constant development, we try to adapt our services to their needs. Upon special request, we can mark the boards with our customers’ logos according to their guidelines. Our well-designed production lines allow us to process non-standard orders. Our customer can choose from a variety of raw materials for heating underlay according to their vision.

We process orders quickly from all over Europe. Our main principle is to ensure reliable and timely services! We enjoy great reputation among small companies as well as large global corporations. Every customer is important to us, and our cooperation is based on trust, loyalty and reliability, as good relations are fundamental. We select only the best construction materials that are compliant with the strict European standards. We use the services of reliable transport companies so that our products can reach their destination on time.

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