Facts & fakes about underfloor heating

Although underfloor heating is increasingly replacing traditional radiator heating, you can still hear a lot of misinformation about it. The most famous ones concern the negative impact of floor heating on human health, well-being and finances. We want to dispel myths related to surface heating.

MYTH 1: You have to decide on underfloor heating when designing your home.

It is good when we have previously designed underfloor heating during the construction of the house. It can be installed using the traditional method (polystyrene pipes covered with a spout). However, if we did not anticipate underfloor heating in advance and we want to have it, you can easily use Eco Thermo Floor panels for this purpose. Underfloor underlays for heating are selected depending on the needs. If a very light system is needed in the attic, milled fibreboard underlays or xps can be used. If we want to get the thinnest possible floor, then it is worth reaching for 15 or 18mm gypsum-fiber boards. These types of underfloor panels can be installed on existing floors as a heating element and additional insulation. They are perfect for home renovation, when we want to install underfloor heating in an old tenement house. A properly installed and selected surface heating system will take care not only of the thermal comfort of residents, but also of finances.

MYTH 2: The floor is not “healthy”.

Underfloor heating is completely safe, but its improper use may worsen the comfort of users. It is important to adjust the room temperature accordingly. The best is 21 ° in rooms of daily use and 19 ° in bedrooms. The correct temperature of the floor should be approx. 25 ° C – maximum 29 ° C in the rooms where we stay the longest.
Underfloor heating is also a good solution for allergy sufferers. The even distribution of the low heat temperature does not cause the excessive air circulation that occurs with radiators. Underfloor heating does not spread dust or mites. Properly installed and used installation does not have a negative impact on the health of the household members.

MYTH 3: Underfloor heating is expensive.

The installation of floor tiles is not the cheapest solution, especially if we choose high-quality products. However, in combination with the right heat source, the investment should pay for itself within a few years. Temperature management and regulation takes place through advanced control systems, thanks to which you can adjust the system’s operation to the needs of users, time of day or outside conditions. You can set the software to lower the temperature when no one is home and raise it on the right time. This results in large savings.

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